Max Resing

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My name is Max Resing. I am a passionate computer science student who has a huge interest in networking & Internet data as well as data processing (platforms). Besides studying, I am a former full-stack developer employed by different medium-sized companies. My first job in the field of large-scale Internet measurements was at the University of Twente, supporting projects of OpenINTEL. My project team worked on a daily monitoring of the DNSSEC landscape in the TLDs of Switzerland and Lichtenstein. Since November 2022, I support the Netscout ASERT team as a Research Analyst in part-time. We work with cyber threat data on a global scale. The main focus is DDoS.

Next to my study and professional involvement, I like digging into many kinds of projects. I operate my own home lab, I dig into open data sets and build cool stuff.

Announcements, News & Blog Posts

2022-12-30 Added Blogging to my Website

For a long time, I struggled with adding blogging features to my website. I liked the simplicity, of my deployment pipeline, so it should not be a complete overhaul. Instead I worked on my own (what I like to call a) site generator. The project is dubbed lopsgen - an acronym of "Lua-based oppinionated site generator".

2022-11-01 Netscout, Arbor and I

After my summer internship at Netscout ASERT ended, I was approached to consider a longer-term commitment with the ASERT (former Arbor Networks) team. After thinking through this offer, I decided to agree to this opportunity. In early November, we arranged the contract details and I signed in restrospect for November 01. Since then, I am a research analyst in part-time. I support the ASERT team which is mainly focussed on identifying and mitigating the DDoS threat on the Internet.

2022-11-01 News about my Master

In summer 2022, a year after my Master's degree in Computer Science, Data Science started I moved over to another specialization: Cyber Security. Although, this extends my Master by a full year I believe that it will be beneficial for me and my carrier in the long-term. More about the motivation in the blog post.

2021-11-01 Presented my Bachelor's Work at NANOG83

2021-09-30 Facing a new Challenge as a DevOps engineer

2021-07-02 Best Paper Award

2021-05-01 Stopped service for documentation