News about my Master

Why I switched from Data Science to Cyber Security

In summer 2022, a year after my Master's degree in Computer Science, Data Science started I moved over to another specialization: Cyber Security. Although, this extends my Master by a full year I believe that it will be beneficial for me and my carrier in the long-term. More about the motivation in the blog post.

In the study year 2021/22, I started my Master's in Computer Science - Data Science. After a year of studying, I did not really feel at home. The study was too focussed on business use cases, not so much on big-data engineering. I plucked up some courage and decided to switch to Cyber Security. My expectation is that these courses fit better into my interests of Internet measurements and network protocols.

Another thing that confirms I am now on the right path is the fact that most people I admire also have a background in cyber security. From 2022 onwards, I will be studying Cyber Security at the University of Twente.