My Projects

The tip of the iceberg...

Here you can see a very brief selection of the projects I have worked on. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you look for all my contributions, I refer to my Codeberg and GitHub repositories.

yacf - Yet Another Configuration Framework

With advancing Python projects, I realized I tend to parse configuration files similarly in all projects I have worked on. Thus, I decided to abstract the logic and wrap it into a package.

yacf is a very lightweight and slim configuration framework with very limited features. It aims to not end up as a bloated and convoluted framework. Configuration has to be kept simple and maintainable.

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This service was initially hosted on webfsd. It aims to serve static content. My servers are running 24/7 anyway, so I figured I could also allow other people to host their files on this service.

This is mostly aimed to host resources for friends. However, I am open to invite anyone if they want to share their resources. I moved away from webfsd at some point. These days, the service is running on Nginx.

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This web app is aimed to help tracking your coffee consumption. It is intentionally kept simple. The project is a result of a few days of rapid development. After finishing the core application, we decided to not spend much time on it anymore, except of using it.

Feel free to use it as well. It is free of charge.


A friend of mine and me decided to track our coffee consumption. We discovered that there is no open-source app on the market. The app we were using was an outdated Android application released for Android 2.7. Even if we would not bother about the UX, the closed-source and the outdated implementation can be a potential vulnerability. Hence, we started working on our own web application.

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