Knowledge, Skills & Technology

A few words beforehand...

This page should briefly introduce a few off my skills and my technical knowledge. Please keep in mind that I am a passionate learner who teaches himself new things every single day.

I decided to exclude technology, that I take for granted. This includes but is not limited to HTML, CSS, SQL, programming paradigms as OOP, FP, basics of system administration & networking, common protocols, operating systems, user & permission management,...


  • German: Mother tongue
  • English: B2, IELTS Certificate, academic English. Talking and writing it daily for years.

Programming languages

  • Python: Since 2017, backend services, stand-alone services, side projects, university projects.
  • Java: Since 2011, first programming language, university projects, side projects.
  • JavaScript: Since 2018, mostly for university projects and part-time job. No backend experience with JS.
  • Bash/Shell: Since 2015, familiar with scripting to automate recurring tasks.
  • C: Since 2021, general understanding of large parts of the langauge. Mostly worked on small tools.
  • Lua: Since 2022, wanted to learn another language that can be used next to Python for small-scale projects and scripts.

Currently learning

  • Rust: Rudimentary knowledge, still a language that I want to learn by heart.

Used in the past

  • C#: Extensively used in 2014 - 2017. Required during my apprenticeship.
  • C/AL: Extensively used in 2014 - 2017. Required during my apprenticeship.
  • Haskell: Used in 2020, familiar but not an expert. Used 10 weeks during a university project.
  • Prolog: Used in 2020, basic understanding. One university project.


  • Linux: Passionately use it since 2012 as my daily driver and on my servers. Familiar with system administration and command line. Admin of a home lab which grows in complexity. Alpine, Arch, Debian(-based distributions), OpenWRT.
  • Networking & Internet Protocols: My great interest in networking and the Internet has taught me understanding of plenty of protocols over the years.
  • System & Network Administration: While operating Linux servers for around a decade now, I have explored several OS- and network configurations. Furthermore, I am familiar with the typical network services and with network debugging.
  • Apache Spark: Required for my job, mostly used to run queries and aggregate data on the OpenINTEL cluster. Set up a cluster for my personal usage in the past.
  • PostgreSQL: Required for my job, side projects & university projects; Preferred relational DBMS; hosted a shared PostgreSQL service for multiple students in the past.
  • Redis: Familiar with the basic concept due to university and side projects.
  • Nginx & Caddy: Running both web servers in production as well as in containerized environments.
  • Docker and Podman: Used both in the past for a while. Personal preference is Podman. Furthermore, knowledge with closely related technology, such as docker-compose. Basic understanding of Kubernetes.
  • SPA Frameworks: Familiar with VueJS and EmberJS both in development and (continous) deployment. Preferably work with (the much more opinionated) EmberJS.
  • MQTT: Familiar with the MQTT protocol, Eclipse Mosquitto & typical Python libraries.